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Success-YOUR SUCCESS-Is Never an Accident, but the RESULT of applying the RIGHT STRATEGIES, ACTIONS and TRAINING to your Martial Arts Studio or Club.  You don't have to figure it out alone.  MAXIMIZE your RESULTS and LOVE your job again.  Do it TODAY with MASS Training!



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Do you know or have you ever met a martial arts studio owner whose business runs seamlessly and hassle free?  You know the type of owner I'm talking about.  Everything he touches turns to gold. 

Chances are he knows and is able to implement what you don't.  As a matter of fact, chances are that this successful operator has worked directly with Fred Mertens learning and implementing the MASS Training System.

This is your once in a life time opportunity to pull up a chair and get the inside scoop of the 9 Keys to Earning a Professional Income in your Martial Arts Studio, and other training right in your inbox.  Register now!


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MASS Training Online Training Program

A powerful online learning and staff development system designed for preparing new and existing staff members and school owners to successfully run a profitable customer service driven martial arts business.  

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MASS Training Regional Seminar

Learn everything you need to know to run a successful martial arts school or multiple locations in this 3 day live event.   You and your staff will walk away with the knowledge and material to change your business right now! 

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MASS Training Mentor Program

Know what to do but have a hard time staying consistent?  Have a great staff that needs business training?  Love what you do, but the money isn't enough to provide you the lifestyle you need?  Mentoring is your solution!  

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Official Partner of the ATA

As an official ATA Partner... We'll help you ATA Studio and Club owners build a profitable martial arts business that you love!  Love your business as much as you love the martial arts... it's a given once your compensation is equal to your contribution.  We'll show you how!  Find out about our live seminars!


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